How to set up a custom domain to the blogger? Guide to setup custom blogspot domain.

How to set up a custom domain to the blogger?

Do you want to set up a custom domain to your blogspot domain?

Yes, then this article will help you to set up your domain to the blogspot domain. Blogger allows us to set up a custom domain and use it.

It is just a simple process to set your domain to your existing blog with domain.

If you have not bought your custom domain for your blog yet then I recommend buy it right now because when you start a blog on blogger you will get a domain for that blog. It is a free domain. If you are going to make a professional blog then your domain name should also be professional.

A custom domain name example is

There are endless benefits of using the custom domain name for your Blogspot blog instead of the free blog name.

Let's set up a custom domain for your Blogspot blog.

Here I'm sharing the complete step by step process which you can follow to add a custom domain name to your Blogspot blog.

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Complete step by step process to set up a custom domain name to blogspot domain:

If you have not decided your blog domain name yet then click on this link given below. It will help you to find the best name for your blog.

Now, you have your blog with Blogspot domain and you run it. You can access your domain.

Add your domain name.

Step-1: Click on the setting and after that click on basic.
Step-2: Click on set up third party URL for your blog.
Step-3: Add your domain name which you own.

After these three steps, you still get an error that you have to verify your domain ownership. Please add your domain with www as a prefix.

You will get the records that you need to configure. You can see in this image given below.

Domain name setup
Once you have these details, It is time to log in your domain control panel. (We are going with GoDaddy. If you have other domain providers then don't worry the process is same.)
Now, follow the next step to configure your domain name records.

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Setting up CNAME and A records for your custom domain.

Please log in to your control panel and go to my domains or all domains or manage domains.

Manage domain.
Next step is to click on your domain name which you have purchased, and you will be on manage domain page.

On the next page click on the DNS management to start adding the record.

Manage domain DNS.

First, you have to click on that three dots and after that click on DNS management and start adding a record.

Click on add record and select CNAME record and add both record one by one from your Blogspot setting screen.

CNAME record 1.

Click on save to save your first CNAME record. Now the second one:
CNAME record 2.
You have to copy it from your Blogspot screen and paste it to your CNAME record.

A CNAME record is done.

Now setting up four A records: This process is the same as CNAME records, all you need to do add A records instead of CNAME.

A record contains a four IP address. You just need to add it to your A records.

set up A records.

Click on add record and select A record under type. In the hostname @, and points to IPv4 address

Like this, you have a total of 4 A records. Which looks like this.

A records.
Once you have set up CNAME and A records, You need to wait for 5 minutes to 4 hours for these changes. After waiting sometime go to your Blogspot setting screen and save it.

Your custom domain ready to work. It will look like this:

Custom domain.

If it is showing an error that means your CNAME and A records has not updated globally. You have to wait for some more time. In my case, it took only 10 minutes.

Once it is ready to work, Google will take care of the redirection part, and anyone opens your Blogspot blog address he/she will be redirected to your new custom domain.

You will not lose your traffic and link juice. It will also work for your internal pages.

Note: You have to check your custom domain redirect checkbox. Your website name is but sometimes users do not type a www they will type only on a search engine. Please check it and your site will be redirected to the www version.


If you have been blogging on Blogspot free domain for a long time and not using a custom domain, I recommend that please start using the custom domain feature to make your blog more professional.

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Buy it now: 
    1. .COM domain @ 399/year
    2. .COM domain @ 999 for two years.
    3. Domain name for 0.88$/year.
If you have a query or any problem for setting up your domain. Let me know via comments.

Sharing helps to other people.

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