How to start a blog on blogger? A step by step guide to start a blog on blogger.

Do You want to start a blog on blogger and want to learn how to start a blog on blogger?

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let me tell you blogger is free blogging platform by Google. It will allow you to create a blog for free.

If you don't have sufficient budget to buy a domain or hosting then blogger is best for you because it will allow you to use domain and hosted on google.

Let's start it step by step:

    • Sign-in.
    • Create a blog.
    • Choose a theme.
    • Set up your theme.
    • Create a new post.
    • Blogger setting.


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1. Sign in:

Generally, all of us have a one or more Gmail account or Google account Which will be used to sign in blogger. You have to choose your Gmail account and allow it to sign in for a blogger.

As you can see in the image given below.

Sign in to blogger.

After sign in you can create a blog.

2. Create a blog.

Blog creation is piece of cake. You have to give the name of your blog and the domain name of your blog.

This part of blog creation contains two important section-
        1. Title of your blog. (Give a catchy title to your blog.)
        2. Set up your domain for your blog.
If you want to buy a custom domain for your blog you can buy it from here through this latest offers:
    1. .COM domain @ 399/year
    2. .COM domain @ 999 for two years.
    3. The domain name for 0.88$/year.
You must give a catchy title to your blog and your domain must contain your keyword. If the domain name is not available that which you want to use for your blog then you have to change your blog domain. It means your requested domain is not available. 

2. Create a blog.

3. Choose a theme for your blog.

Many themes are available in blogger themes option. There are dynamic, awesome, simple and many themes are available.

Blogger theme set up.

You have to click on to theme (left sidebar of You can see many themes are available there. You just have to choose one of them and apply it to your blog.

4. Set up your theme:

In blogger, it is not necessary that you must have knowledge about coding. I mean if you don't have knowledge about coding even then you can create a better blog with blogger.

Blogger layout section will help you to customize your blog. You can share your social media platforms link in this section. You can also keep your blog logo and set up your main menu section which contains your blog label link or your blog categories and footer section.

Blogger layout.

In the layout section, you just have to click on edit after that you can edit which section or gadgets you want to edit.

You can also use a custom template for your blog. You can find it here: Gooyaabitemplates.

Add a gadget will help you to apply third-party content or service or monetization (Ad codes).
Blogger layout

5. Create a post:

After the customization of your blog, you will create the post. The left sidebar of blogger contains post option you can create a post through click on the post.

Create a post.

Compose: Here you can write your content.

HTML: Here you can write your content with the help of Html coding language. If you prefer to work on HTML click on HTML.

Labels: Here you can divide your posts to single categories.

Permalink: SEO related feature. Here you can create a Permalink for your blog.

Post settings.
In short, here you can write your content and if you know well about coding then you can use HTML. In the scheduled option, you can schedule post for publish.

Using save button you can save your post or article and after some time, you can continue to write your post where you left it last time.

6. Settings:

Basic settings.

When you click on settings you can see many dropdown menus. Like, Basic, post sharing and comments, email, language and formatting, search preferences, users setting,  other.

    • Basic setting: Here you need to give a title and description of your blog
    • Post, Comments, and Sharing: You need to make some major setting for your comment section. You must have to prevent scam related comments from your comment section.
    • E-mail: Here you can set up your e-mail settings.
    • Language and formatting: Here you can set up time format of your local region and you can also enable transliteration for your blog.
    • Search preferences: The main part of the settings of your blog because you can set up all things that can make your blog visible on search engine. You can keep your meta description of your blog and ads.txt, robots.txt, robot header tags. You must submit your site to search console.
    • Other: Here you can import your data and keep backup of your data and manage your videos from your blog. The best feature of this setting you can provide your
      analytics web property ID to analyze your website traffic. If you want to delete your blog then you can delete your blog from here.
    • User setting: This setting is generally used for your profile. There is two option that is a blogger, Google+. I recommend keep your profile as a blogger. 

Search preferences:

Search preferences.

You must provide your meta description for your blog which contains a maximum of 150 characters. It can be about your blog that tells your visitors about your blog and your content or services.

Crawlers and Indexing: This feature will help you to rank your blog on different types of search engines. Here, you must have to submit your site to google search console. Google crawler will crawl each article and page of your site. If there is some error then search console sends you email for that error. After crawling your site it will index your site to google search engine.

Robots.txt: you can find robots.txt on your search engine through this link: https://youwebsitename/robots.txt

Custom robot header tags: Please enable it if it is disabled. These are robots. Which is responsible for recognizing the updates on our sites and notifying to the search engines about this update.

Robot tags.

This tags will help you to communicate with the crawlers to increase your search visibility.

1. Homepage: all, noodp.

all: If you set this all tag google crawler can freely crawl your site.
noodp: Open directory project or Man made directory of the site. Sometimes Google uses information from there.

2. Active and search pages: noindex, noodp

noindex: It prevents search engines from indexing the pages.

3.The default for posts and pages: all noodp.

Warning! Use with caution. Incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by search engines.

I hope this post How to start a blog on blogger will help you to create a perfect blog on blogger.

If you have any question or query please comment below.

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How to start a blog on blogger? A step by step guide to start a blog on blogger. How to start a blog on blogger? A step by step guide to start a blog on blogger. Reviewed by Mohammad Akdas on February 23, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. Very useful information. I am going to start my blog on Do I have to know all the technical aspects? I am not very tech person.

    1. First of all thank you Malati Shankar.
      Blogger is simple and easy to use. You don't need any programming knowledge or any coding skills.
      But it will help you if you have some kinds of knowledge about programming or coding then it will help you to make some god stuff.
      In you don't required any coding skills.
      You just need one theme and your niche and after that start writing blog post.
      Thank you.

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