Is blogger a good choice as a blog platform for new bloggers?

Is a blogger a good choice as a blog platform for new bloggers?

Is a blogger a good choice as a blog platform?

As we know that blogger is google product and Google is a very big company in this world. The services which are provided by Google to us that is spectacular.

But there are some drawbacks in Google's product blogger that does not allow it to get high ranking in the blogging platform of blogging.

Although I and you know this well, WordPress is a great platform for blogging.

What are the great features to make Blogger a good platform after WordPress?

1. Free services:

Blogger is completely free. From domain to hosting, you do not even have to spend a single penny here to start a blog

And apart from this, the particular thing about Blogger that is blogger will give you free domain and you can host your blog on Google's free hosting for free. If you want to set up a custom domain name to your blog then you can do it and set up your custom domain.

Grab your domain name here:

    1. .COM domain @ 399/year
    2. .COM domain @ 999 for two years.
    3. A domain name for 0.88$/year.

According to me, if you are new to the blogging world and you want to understand blogging well then you can choose a blogger.

2. Easy to use:

If you probably do not know then let me tell you, you don't require any coding knowledge to start a blog on blogger.

You can customize your blog with the help of Blogger's Layout Options. And if you are a better programmer and you have to do this, then you can make your blog even more brilliantly with the help of HTML.

You can use a large number of themes in Blogger which will provide you with Blogger itself and you can also use third party themes.


We looked at how we can easily use Blogger. But now that we talk about monetization, Google Adsense comes first, which is a great network to monetize your blog.

Everyone knows about Google Adsense terms and condition. But you probably would not have known that if you build your blog on Blogger then you will get a fast approval from Google Adsense.

There are many other ways that you can earn money from your blog, except Google Adsense.
Ex. Affiliate marketing, Sponsor reviews, Direct ad sales etc.

4. Hacking free:

This is a very big problem for all bloggers. But blogger blogs are hosted on Google servers and there is no any issue related to security.

 5. SEO friendly: 

SEO doesn't need a good platform to perform well. Most of the people say that only WordPress is SEO friendly.

But it is not true. The reason people think is that Wordpress provides some great plugins for SEO. If you have a good practice in SEO then you can use SEO at blogger as well.

6. High speed:

Because of being a Google product, it is hosted on google hosting servers (Google servers) and Google servers provide high-speed servers to bring the best speed on your website.

So these are some of the special features that make Blogger a better platform after Wordpress. If you are new then this is a perfect blogging platform for you.

You do not need coding skills and you will also get free hosting.
And there are many more platforms for blogging which we have explained in detail in our recent post.
The Best Blogging Platform to Make Money Online in 2019.

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