The best ad networks to monetize your blog with its pros and cons.

Want to monetize your blog and earn money from your blog?

If you want, then this article will help you to find the best ad network to monetize your blog.

In this article, we will share some useful information about the top five ad networks with its pros and cons.

There are many ad networks available for monetization, But, you need to know everything about that ad network because there are scamming networks on the internet or if we say that we do not get our earnings properly.

Whatever ad network do you want to use, But at least you have to search about it on Google and youtube and collect some information about that platform.

Your blog and your hard work are so precious, then I request you to go with the best network that can give you fine earning.

The best ad networks to monetize your blog.

      1. Google Adsense.
      3. Infolinks.
      4. Propeller ads.
      5. Revenue hits.
These are the best five platform to monetize your blog.
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Right now, we know about all these platforms in depth and what conditions are there and how much traffic should be needed for approval.

1. Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is one of the best advertising platforms which is run by Google. It allows a publisher to show ads on his/her owned content like a website/blog/youtube. These ads showing process administered and sorted by google.

This advertising program was launched in 2003. Today this is the world largest ad network for monetization. It provides a good opportunity to bloggers and website owner to monetize their blog and websites.

Today there is a lot of websites on the Internet that are getting it's Earning from Google Adsense. I also use Google Adsense to monetize my websites.

The main benefit of Google Adsense is that there is a huge number of publishers and advertisers. google Adsense provide a high level of security for both Adsense publisher and advertiser.

Google Adsense works on a cost-per-click and revenue sharing basis. It charges advertisers per ad click and publishers get roughly 68% of the click amount.

This commission heavily depends on the compatible niche of your site. You need at least 10 posts and 4 pages (Contact us, Disclaimer, About us, Privacy policy) to get Adsense approval.

You need some traffic to get approval. (No traffic limit required to get approval)

Ex: If your niche is related to insurance and finance then Adsense will show that ads on your site which provide some insurance services, insurance quotes, finance related solution etc.


Ads: Not to worry, Google provides the ads for you.

Earning: You will be getting paid both impressions and click that you receive.

Payment: Your payment will be transferred directly to your bank account through wire transfer.  (Minimum Payout Threshold: $100.)

Another network: You can also use other ad networks Google Adsense. (Note: Other ad networks must comply with Adsense policy.)


Invalid clicks: Invalid clicks activity Major drawbacks in Google Adsense. It is due to site owners they are clicking on their own website banner ads to generate more revenue. But once Google finds out, he can cancel your account at any time.

Click here to sign up for Google Adsense.


The second name in this list is which is the second largest ad network in the world. is a contextual ad network powered by yahoo and bing. was started in 2012. More than 800 employee work in This company gives you high revenue after Adsense. Sometime it will give you more than Adsense. ads type is spectacular they provide text link ads which mean there are more chances to click on ads. These text link ads look like your website content.

If you want to start with then your majority traffic must be from USA, Uk, Canada and you need sufficient content.

If your content is in any language other than English, then will not allow you. Your content must be primarily in the English language.

Minimum payout is100$.


Network: is largest ad network after Adsense.

Personal manager: They will provide a personal manager for your account if your account gets approved.


Transparency: You will not know about clicks on your ads. Because work on both CPC, CPM ad network they will just give you CPM rates but you will not know about how much clicks that you received and how much CPC of those ads. While in Adsense you will know about every click that you have received.

Reporting: 24 hours delay.

Click here to sign up for


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3. Infolinks:

Infolinks was founded in 2007. It is the different monetization program for your blog because of its in-text ad format.

Infolinks ad units include in-frame, in-tag, in-fold, in-text.

Joining the Infolinks it is quite easy and straight forward. Infolinks is open to any publisher, Big or small, no minimum traffic required.

You can not use Infolinks on abusive content like scamming, gambling sites. Infolinks will give you for both views and clicks. But earning is a bit lower than Adsense.

Minimum payout is 100$.

Click here to sign up for Infolinks.


Support: Support provided by Infolinks is so good.

Approval: Easy and fast approval.

In-text ads: These ads do not take space on your site and it is automatically applied to your post words.


USA sites: Infolinks doing a good job for the USA, UK sites.

In-frame ads: In frame ads may not always work well. Sometimes, It may overlap and become obstructive. You can manage it from your Infolinks dashboard.

Earning: Low CPM rates compare to Adsense and

4. Propeller ads:

You might have shocked seeing this name in this list. Now, Propeller ads are Google Adsense friendly and you can use it with Google Adsense (Note: Please turn off popunder ads format in Propeller ads because they violate Adsense policy.)

Propeller Ads Media is a fast growing advertising company, providing targeted reach and quality inventory.

Propeller ads work on a CPM system, which means you will get paid for the impression that you have received.

Minimum payout in Propeller ads is 100$.

In Propeller ads, you will get quick approval. No review, No minimum traffic needed you will get quick approval.

You need to sign up then paste some code to your webpage and verify your site. After verification, your site is ready to show ads.


Revenue: Better performance to advertisers and higher revenues to publishers.

Verification and approval: Very easy to verify and no traffic and no minimum requirements needed for approval

Profit: Propeller Ads share 80% of their ad revenue with publishers.

Maximum earning: Propeller ads provide a higher revenue for movie, music download sites.

Referral program: As a publisher, you can refer to your visitors and you can earn 5%  of his/her future ad revenue.

Support: You will get support from Propeller ads through e-mail and Skype.


Popunder ads: The best performing ad is popunder ads and users hate it.

New websites: Propeller ads accepting all new websites with minimum traffic. But with new websites, you can't generate more revenue. If you want to generate higher revenue then you must have high-quality traffic.


Propeller ads popunder ad format does not comply with Google Adsense policy. You can use Propeller ads banner ads format.

Click here to sign up for Propeller ads

5. Revenue hits console:

This ad network is the best way to earn 50$ to 100$ per day.

Revenue Hits help publishers to generate more revenues with state of the art Contextual & Geo-targeted Ad Serving technology.

Revenue hits console was started in 2008, operated by My advice Ltd. Israeli based company.

This ad network work on CPA (cost per action), which means you will get paid when your visitor clicks on that ads and after giving his/her information like Gmail or registration to that site.

In short, when users make some action to advertiser site then you will get paid.

It pays 10$ to 50$ for each completed action.


Approval: Quick approval. No minimum requirements.

CPA rates: It gives you a high CPA rate.

Minimum payout: 50$.


Traffic: Revenue hits console is not good for low traffic.

CPM rates: too low.

Click here to sign up for Revenue hits console.

So these are the best ad network to monetize your blog. I recommend that if your blog has good traffic then you can go with Google Adsense or Because these two platforms are popular in the world and they will give you more revenue than other ad networks.

You can use Google Adsense and together on the same website.

As long as you do not get approval from Adsense and, you can use other ad networks. (Propeller ads, Revenuehits etc.)

I hope you have received some useful information from this article.

Sharing helps to other people.

Share and Support.

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