What is affiliate marketing? A step by step guide.

Are you want to earn money from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the biggest platform to make money online. There are no limits to earn money. If you make a more sale then you will earn more.

Many peoples want to earn money from affiliate marketing but they don't have sufficient knowledge about affiliate marketing that how to make money from affiliate marketing and how does it work for us. a lot of question they have but in this article, I will help you to understand every step of affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other companies products and when you make a sale then you will get a commission for those products.

You will find a product and promote it to your social media fans and you will get a commission for each sale that you make.

Affiliate marketing provides a large number of products and you have to promote it on different platforms where you can get targeted traffic for your affiliate products.

You are considered an affiliate marketer if you are promoting products and another side is a merchant who gives you a product to promote and earn money.

What do you need to become an affiliate marketer?

Many kinds of affiliate programs available on the internet and they have different policies to accept new proposals.

The simple guide that you need to become an affiliate marketer it is depends on your niche that what is the types of website you have and if you are you tuber then it also depends on your channel topic.

Example: If you have a tech website or tech blog then you need to promote a tech product like a smartphone and other electronics gadgets.

You don't have to pay for joining the affiliate program. It is absolutely free to join any kinds of an affiliate program.

Many affiliate programs have some restrictions to joining their program like you need more traffic and you have more experience in affiliate marketing and they want your payment proof from your last affiliate program.

But don't worry many popular affiliate platforms don't need these criteria like Amazon associates and Clickbank and CJ affiliate program etc.

How to join an affiliate program?

This is a very simple process to join an affiliate program. Let's understand with an example of Amazon associates.

You need to go on the Amazon affiliate program website which is formerly known as Amazon associates central.

Next step is you have to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program and the next step is you need to provide your blog or website details that you currently have.

After the process of sign up, you can access the Amazon affiliate program and you can start the promotion of different products using affiliate links from amazon associates.

Note that your affiliate id must be included in your affiliate link. Amazon will track your sale with the help of your affiliate id.

In other programs, you have to wait until your account gets approved.

How does affiliate marketing work?

We just told you in the example above of Amazon associate that you need to make a sale then you will get paid. But you should also understand how it works for you.

In Amazon, it is very simple to understand you can promote a product using your affiliate link and user buy a product through your affiliate link and Amazon will give you commission for that product.

When you reach the payment threshold you can withdraw your payment through bank transfer (NEFT).

This is about the Amazon affiliate program which allows you to promote only that product which Amazon has.

But there also many affiliate networks available which is allow you to promote other company products like Commission junction, Shareasale, Clickbank, Viglink.

In these types of affiliate program affiliate marketer (Publisher) and consumer and merchant (Advertiser) involved.

Affiliate marketer  (Publisher) who are promoting products and consumer who is buying that product which is promoting by an affiliate marketer.

And Merchant (Advertiser) who is the owner of that product which is promoting by an affiliate marketer.

Example: Godaddy.com affiliate program available on CJ.com. Godaddy is part of Clickjunction as an advertiser and you are login to the CJ.com as a publisher.

WP engine affiliate program available on Shareasale.com

How can you promote your affiliate product?

Some basic methods to promote your product.


This idea is the best to promote the affiliate product on your own blog. Writing a review on specific product and users interested in every product reviews before they are buying that product. I think this is the best promoting method for your affiliate product.

You just concentrate on your content writing and your SEO skills. Because it is very important to rank your blog on search engines.

If you really want to start your blog then I recommend Wordpress for your blogging platform and buy hosting from Bluehost with 65% discount. (Buy now)

Must read: How to start a blog on blogger?

Must read: Is blogger a good choice as a blog platform for new bloggers? 

Social media: 

If you have a huge fan following on your youtube channel and facebook page and twitter and Instagram then you can promote your products and recommend it to your fans.

You don't have to pay for it. I think this is the best option for you if you are new in affiliate marketing. Please share your product link to social media platforms.

E-mail marketing:

E-mail marketing is the process of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. Advance tools in affiliate marketing. You need an e-mail list that is interested in buying your product. You have to send an e-mail to them about your product reviews and your products information and they will read that e-mail and I hope some of them will buy that product.

One of the best tools for marketing. You can do e-mail marketing with free of cost using MailChimp (Some limitation). Other paid e-mail marketing platforms are available with advanced tools like Aweber, Convert kit.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising:

You want to invest in affiliate marketing. Then you can run an advertising campaign for your affiliate products. An advertising campaign can run through Facebook ads, Bing ads, Google ads etc.  Facebook has a monthly 2.32 billion active users (232 crores a huge number of active users.)

Advertising companies run your campaign and show your product ads to only interested people who is wants to buy that product. You can get targeted visitors.

You campaign budget is everything that how much do you spend in one day. Let's take an example of
Facebook ads where your daily minimum budget is just 40 INR. You can start advertising on Facebook with a daily budget limit just 40 INR. In such a budget, you can get 500-2000 Targeted users.

Example: Your budget is 50 INR and you run this campaign for ten days then your total budget is 500 INR and you will get more than 5000 targeted visitors to your affiliate product. Your affiliate product commission is just 5$ and you receive just 10 sales from this campaign. Your affiliate income from this campaign is 50$ (10 Sales*5$ = 50$.). This is just an example that is not necessarily the same. Your investment is 500 INR and you earn 3500 INR.

You can also use Google ads and Bing ads for PPC advertising.

How can you get paid for affiliate marketing?

When you reach the minimum payment threshold then you will get your payment. It different for every program depend on advertisers and affiliate networks.

You just have to set up your payment method after successfully added your payment method they will transfer your payment on a monthly basis.

In Amazon affiliate program 1000 INR minimum payout.

So these are the basic and simple steps to start your affiliate business.


Time to recap.

1. You need to find the best affiliate program. I recommend Amazon.

2. Create your fan base on social media. If you already have then started promoting your product.

3. Run PPC ads to grow more your affiliate business.

4. Create an e-mail list for e-mail marketing.

5. Create a blog or review site for your product.

I hope this basic guide help you to start your affiliate business. If you like this article then don't forget to share.

Sharing helps to other people.

Share and Support.

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