What is web hosting? Which web hosting should you buy?

What is web hosting? Which web hosting should you buy?

Many website owners and new bloggers are confused to find the best web hosting and many of them don't know about hosting.

In this article, we will try to explain to you about hosting and why you need hosting to start a blog or create a website.


What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an internet hosting service that allows individual and organization to make their website, which accessible via world wide web.

In short, when we are going to make a website, then we need hosting to store our website data. Web hosting works for as our website home. Because hosting server store our website data. (posts, pages, images, etc.)

Websites are hosted or stored, on special computers called servers. When any users want to show your website and type your domain address into their browser, their device then connects to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through their browser.

The most hosting company requires a domain name to host. But some company will give you a free domain name which is included in their different hosting plans.

The basic feature of web hosting that you should be expecting from your hosting provider:

E-mail Account: In this, you will get a business e-mail address for your business inquiries. Most of the companies giving you a free domain but some companies are not. You will get an e-mail address like this: yourname@yourwebsite.com. In this address, you can get an e-mail address with your website name.

FTP: FTP is a file transfer protocol, which is used to transfer your files from your local computer to web server.

Wordpress: I know and you also know that WordPress is the most popular platform to build any kinds of website and blog. If you are going to buy a web hosting then you must check that your hosting plan gives you WordPress access or not. Today, more than 30% of websites are created by using WordPress.

How can web hosting help you to grow up your business?

Every professional blogger or website owner have a hosting and their sites are hosted on different kind of servers. If you have the best web hosting for your site then it will boost up the power of your site.

The web hosting will help you to back up your site and store everything that is already you have published on your site.

Different kinds of hosting plans are available on the internet, which is depends on you. Which types of facility do you need for your site?

Here is some best web hosting provider:

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1. Bluehost (Recommended by Wordpress.org):

Bluehost is the best option for your site if you are going to make your site on Wordpress.org. You can also use it for other platforms.

Blueshot hosting plans are not so pricey. You can afford for hosting. Bluehost provides a premium feature at a low price.

As you can see in this image that Bluehost Wordpress hosting plans:

Wordpress hosting features in Bluehost.com:

Basic: You can create one website and you will get a free SSL certificate and free domain name for one year. You will get 50 GB SSD storage to store your data and $50 marketing credit.

Plus: In this plan, you will get everything almost unlimited except marketing credit (100$).

Choice plus: In this plan, you will get everything almost unlimited except marketing credit (200$).
One more feature to this plan you will get cord guard basic backup for your site.

Bluehost.com hosting is recommended by wordpress.org.

Click here to buy your hosting from Bluehost.com with 65% discount.

2. Siteground:

This hosting is also recommended by Wordpress.org. Siteground is a popular hosting provider. You can go with Siteground. Siteground customer support is too good.

Here is Siteground WordPress hosting plans:

You can't get unlimited storage like Bluehost.

Click here to buy hosting from Siteground with a 60% discount.

Web Hosting

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 Grab your domain name here:

    1. .COM domain @ 399/year
    2. .COM domain @ 999 for two years.
    3. A domain name for 0.88$/year.

3. Hostgator:

Hostgator hosts over 8 million domains and this is the popular hosting provider in the world.
One click Wordpress installation and 24/7 customer support, 99.9% uptime guarantee.

You can try Hostgator.com hosting one month at just 0.01$. (👌👌👌 Try now.)

Here is Hostgator hosting plans:

As you can see in this image that Hostgator hosting is not expensive. I recommend the baby plan because you can get an unlimited domain.

Click here to buy hosting from Hostgator.com with 62% discount.

Click here to Try Hostgator.com hosting for one month at just 0.01$.

4. A2 Hosting:

A2 hosting is the most popular hosting for it's ultra-fast and reliable Wordpress hosting. This hosting provider gives you advanced hosting feature to create a powerful website.

A2 Hosting is an excellent choice for new bloggers and website owners with 99.9% uptime.

Here is A2 hosting plans:

I recommend you can go with a swift plan.

Click here to buy your A2 hosting with a 51% discount.

Which of these four types of hosting provider did you like? (Comment below.)

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I recommend Bluehost.com because Bluehost hosting is a quality product at a low price and it is trusted by many users.

I hope you have understood about web hosting and you have definitely decided what kind of hosting you need. Don't forget to share.

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