Why Wordpress is the best blogging platform?

Why WordPress is the best blogging platform?

Why Wordpress is the best blogging platform?

If you are new in blogging you also have this question. According to internet research over 30% sites are on the internet which is created by using WordPress. It is a huge number of Wordpress users.

About Wordpress:

Wordpress was started in 2003. It was developed by Wordpress foundation. Wordpress is a free and open source content management system based on PHP & Mysql. Wordpress was started as a blogging platform but now it is more used to create many kinds of websites.

Here are a few examples of the types of websites you can create with WordPress:

            1. Blog
            2. E-commerce
            3. Portfolio
            4. News
            5. Business
            6. Photography
            7. Education
            8. Membership
            9. Wiki
          10. Social Media 

You can create these types of sites using WordPress. 

Back to the point. (Why WordPress?)
Many Professional bloggers started their carrier on other blogging platforms like shoutmeloud.com. and others. Harsh Agarwal (Founder of Shoutmeloud.com) is started his blog on Blogspot (Blogger). After some time he was transferred his blog to WordPress.

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Why they choose WordPress instead of other blogging platforms?

Because WordPress is more scalable and powerful platforms. Other platforms are not scalable like the WordPress blogging platform.

After WordPress, if there are any best blogging platform available then that is the Blogger.com.
But blogger does not allow to use a plugin like WordPress allow us to use plugins tools to make your blog more professional.

I think that you have understood the importance of WordPress.

Now in this article, I will share some special features of WordPress with you that makes WordPress is the best blogging platform.

1. Wordpress use:



Wordpress is easy to use. You can use a lot of plugins and themes to make your blog more professional.

Wordpress is still enough for beginners to build a professional website without any coding knowledge.
After registering your hosting next step is the installation of WordPress. Many hosting providers include automatic installation of WordPress because of its popularity.

You can access your WordPress dashboard by adding wp-admin to your domain name. Then you can set up your theme and make some setting for your blog and install plugins which you want to install and then you can start writing a post for your blog. (Very easy:😄)


2. Wordpress Themes:


Wordpress theme option.

Wordpress has many kinds of themes like Responsive, SEO friendly, Fast loading, News magazine, E-commerce, Portfolio, Business site, Personal etc.

If you have coding experience or not, you can build a beautiful website with Wordpress- Thanks to the huge number of themes. It is tough to choose the perfect theme for your blog.

Keep in mind in addition to suiting your personal blog, your blog should also have an efficient layout that is optimized for the better experience.

Genesis theme is the best option for Wordpress user. But it is not free. It is a paid theme for Wordpress users.

You can personalize your theme by going to appearance customize from the dashboard.

There is a free and premium theme available.

If we are comparing WordPress themes to other platforms themes then there are lots of themes available for WordPress users, but the other platforms don't have a theme as much as WordPress have themes.

3. Plugins:

Wordpress plugins.

Plugins are which you can use to create your blog more powerful and professional. You can add social media plugins in your blog to make a big level of social media marketing.

Plugins are add-on feature in Wordpress. you can use it to add some more features in your site or blog.

It can be SEO related plugins, which help you to rank your post on google. e.g. Yoast SEO plugins, All in one SEO, Rankmath SEO plugin. (Note: This is just an example of how you get to know the plugins and what these plugins can do for your blog.)

There are many kinds of plugins available. If you want to add a table of contents in your blog then you can easily add a table of content in your blog using a table of content related plugins.

Ex. Table of content plus plugins.

3. Professional Business Website:

If you want to make a business site then WordPress is the best platform for you. Having your site with Wordpress will help you in better SEO and ranking in search engine.

Wordpress plugins help a lot to optimize your on-site SEO and your better rank in search engines.

4. SEO in Wordpress:

The search engine optimization (SEO) settings available within WordPress will hardly be available on any other platform.

Basically, SEO is a thing that you have more worried about. You can use SEO related plugin to enhance your blog SEO.

5. Monetization in Wordpress:

Once you have set up your blog, you can easily apply your blog to different advertisers for monetization of your blog.

There are plugins available for Google Adsense, Propeller ads ad networks.

5. Wordpress support:

One of the biggest benefits of Wordpress is the incredible level of support. The WordPress support forum is available to help you.

You can search for anything about Wordpress, there are lots of articles and Wordpress users available to help you to make your blog perfect.

Furthermore, there is countless video tutorial available on youtube.com, which will help you to install Wordpress and install plugins and how to use Wordpress etc.

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Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform. In this article, we have given everything about Wordpress, which make it a perfect choice for every new blogger. But it is not necessary that you must have a hosting and domain name for your blog. If you have a hosting an domain name then you can install it.

The plugins tools and more theme option make it the best platform for blogging. It is easy to use and set up. Wordpress is enough to create a powerful blog or website as per your need.

If you are going to start your blog on WordPress.org then Bluehost hosting is best for your blog. You will also get a domain name for free with Bluehost hosting at just 2.75$ per month. (65% off)

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