Top five sites for free and premium Blogger templates.

Many bloggers use attractive blog template or theme to make their blog more professional. But the new blogger doesn't know about blogger templates even they have to struggle to find the best blogging platform.

Read this post to find the best blogging platform for you.

When  I was started blogging at that time I don't know anything about templates and blogging platform and even make money through affiliate marketing from the blog.

Use of perfect theme or template it will be a future of your site or blog. Because your template makes visitors happy and interacts with your blog.

I think you have to more research about the perfect theme for your valuable blog. Many options are available to find the best blogging templates.

1. You can create your own template through Php and Html or other programming language but it is difficult for us. You have to be an expert in coding languages.

2. You can download from different sites which is provide some templates for free and some templates which are premium. You have to pay for premium templates.

In this, I will give you the list of five free and premium blogger templates sites.

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Top five sites to download free and premium blogger templates.

I would like to mention Gooyaabi templates at number one in this list because Gooyaabi is the best choice for every new blogger it is a collection of thousand templates.
You can get templates by your choice. There are many options available for your blog and it will help you to choose your template according to your niche.

You need magazine types of templates you just set the type of templates do you want and then it will show the results.

In Gooyaabi templates, you can see many template providers are put their template on this site and they choose Gooyabi templates to get downloaded their template.

It means Gooyaabi templates is one kind of platform where all template creators are used to submit their template and Gooyaabi put their template on its site.

Download Gooyaabi templates

2. Sora Templates:

Sora templates are the second option for your blog and it also has many kinds of templates and many kinds of features available with this Template provider.

Sora templates give you a free version for free download. In the free version, there are some limitations with your template like you can not change footer credit.

It also gives you a premium version and you will have to pay the one-time payment for a lifetime and you can get it for unlimited sites.

Here you can get only those templates which are created by Sora templates.

Download Sora Templates:


Weblyb is another great option for free templates. Weblyb templates are also available on Gooyaabi templates. But some of them which are not available on Gooyaabi templates.

Weblyb also gives you many kinds of templates. There are portfolio templates, Magazine templates, News template, Minimal templates available.

Download Weblyb Templates:


ThemeForest is one of the most popular template providers and it provides a good quality template to its users.

But it is not free. You have to pay for every template. Themeforest only provides a premium template.

If you are looking for a premium template with high-level support then ThemeForest is the only option for your blog template.

The cost of the template is based on the quality of the template and features of the template. You will get 10$ to 100$ template.

Click here to check template.


5. Btemplates:

Btemplates is really good to download blogger templates. Here you can also get different kinds of templates.

Btemplates is one of old template provider since 2008. Btemplates is free of cost.

It means you can download any template for free here.

So these sites are best to download and buy a premium template for your (Blogspot) blog.

Download Btemplates:

I hope this article will help you to choose you to find the best blogger template for your blog.

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