After a long Hiatus Blogging Theroy Continues again.

Dear readers,

It's been a great pleasure for me to write blog posts for such amiable readers of Blogging theory. As you all know some information about this blog that this Blog provides you blog posts which predominantly tell about blogging lessons and blogging education and blogging tactics.

I am Mohammad Akdas and I have been running this blog for so long, but I could not be active on this blog for certain reasons. But here we go again after a long hiatus.

I bought this domain in February 2019 to enlighten people more about blogging. I believe that If you really want to do something at this time so the blog could be the most captivating option for your carrier.

I also got to know about the carrier in blogging in 2018 and then I was desperate to start my own blog. I used to read Harsh Agarwal's blog as well as many other bloggers to get more knowledge about blogging.

Let me tell you one thing that changed my life completely. We try to become successful in our life We also toil but will we prevail or not? It depends on diligence and perseverance.

I do think the same unless you are diligent man, you won't get success in your life.

Now you might be thinking why couldn't I be active on this blog?

As I already mentioned above there were certain reasons and let me give you brief information about that.

I was not rejoicing my work because I had many obstacles and I used to have two jobs a day till January 2020. I was getting the time to do something more and even I could have given that time for this blog but I chose to give that time to do something else which was essential for me that time but I knew that it would also help me in blogging and that were Interpersonal skills predominantly Communication skills.

Apparently, We all know Communication skills matter a lot when it comes to speaking in Professional ambiance for Presentation or Promulgating Speech or Talking about some topics.

Nowadays, It is obligatory to have at least good communication skills. I would say that no one can be perfect there is always a need for improvement.

Even, I am not perfect in communication skills so far but at least I keep on learning because learning is the only way to make your self better and as you learn more you will flourish more.

One of the main reasons I started this blog to share blogging tips and I've also written more or less 15 posts for this blog which are not enough and I know that. Hence, We are continuing to write blog posts for this blog.

In nutshell, I did not stop working on this blog but I had something to do in lieu of this blog that I have already mentioned above.

I hope you can understand my discretion and I am hoping that you will share and support this blog.

Thank you for reading. 😊😊😊😊😊
After a long Hiatus Blogging Theroy Continues again. After a long Hiatus Blogging Theroy Continues again. Reviewed by Mohammad Akdas on June 19, 2020 Rating: 5

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